The Load is a bike for adventures and the possibilities are endless. Go kite flying with dad? Explore the city with all your camera gear? Take your rucksacks on a weekend camping trip?

Everything’s possible with the load hybrid

Adjustable seat position

Thanks to its angle and height-adjustable stem, highly extendable saddle post and comfortable step- through, the load hybrid is right for everybody – in the family or at work. It’s quickly and easily adjustable for all riders from 1.50m to 1.95m.

Separable aluminum frame

The innovative frame combines maximum stiffness and minimum weight. The Load is easy to stow away as the frame in front of the steering tube can be quickly disassembled by undoing seven screws and pulling a plug.

Full suspension

The Load also has the proven Riese & Müller full suspension guaranteeing a high degree of stability and a safe ride. It’s not only kids that will appreciate the suspension – whether riding over cobblestones, woodland paths or even potholes, fruit won’t be damaged, eggs will remain unbroken and that valuable camera gear too.


Bosch motor

With its Bosch drive unit, the Load is easy to handle even with heavy loads. And the maximum speed of 25km/h (45km/h for the HS version) means you can get around fast in city traffic.

200kg total weight

The Load can carry a lot. With an approved total weight of 200kg, there is plenty of space for boxes, kids and all sorts of things.

Low center of gravity

With its low center of gravity, heavy loads can also easily be transported. It’s not just the motor and battery - thanks to its special design, the cargo platform is also particularly low.

The Load cargo bike is the simplest thing in the world. It’s about riding, arriving and the fun you have while you’re doing it. You’ll find your cargo bike in Bikefinder.